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Water Heater Kings Oceanside California BannerWe have been servicing Oceanside, CA for all their water heater needs over 10 years. Our local technicians can tackle any problem and we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Water heater repair is often put off as long as possible, mostly because most water heaters last a long time without problems. If you keep putting the repairs off the problem get worse and you might have to replace your water heater. If you see a leak from your water heater it is a good idea to call us so we can service it using factory parts. In the long run you save money from your water bill and most of the time you do not have to purchase a new water heater.

Our Technicians are highly trained and we strive for perfection. We will have the repairs done following safety guidelines and city codes and our satisfaction guarantee will give you the peace of mind.

If your hot water heater is beyond repair, Water Heater Kings can offer many replacement options along with product information to help you decide on the best water heater for you and your family’s needs.

As a locally family owned plumbing company, Blue Planet is the water heater kings and we have the edge over any chain appliance store. You can always trust our quality plumbing technicians who come to your home to install your new water heater unit properly. With our online specials you save even more on our installation services.

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We now offer financing and payment plans!

In this tough economic times we wanted to offer our valued customers easy financing and payment plans so you can pick the best water heater that fits your household needs. Also check out the Southern California Gas Company rebates on selected tankless water heaters. Installation Coupons, Rebates and Financing now you never have to take a cold shower again.



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Electric Water Heater Installation Repair and Service San Diego

Electric Water Heaters

In general electric tank water heaters are cheaper and have a lower cost of installation than gas water heaters; however the annual price of operation is more than their gas counter parts.

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Tankless Water Heater Installation Repair and Service San Diego

Tankless Water Heaters

There are many reasons for making the switch from a traditional tank water heater to a tankless water heater. On average a tankless water heaters cost around the same as a “high end” tank water heater, and can be up to 40% more energy efficient than a traditional tank water heater.

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Gas water heater installation, repair and service

Gas Water Heaters

It takes less energy to heat up water with gas than electricity, therefore in general gas water heaters are more energy efficient than electric water heaters, and as mentioned before have a lower annual operational cost.

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When does a homeowner know it is time to replace a water heater?

There are many factors that can signal a homeowner that it is time to replace a water heater. Some of these factors are an increased volume of water being used, not enough hot water being produced, a leak n the appliance, cold water coming from the hot water tap. Other signs include clanging and popping noises on a regular basis.

How to choose the right water heater?

Weak water pressure, a slow-heating shower, or rotten egg-smelling water are more than just annoyances; they’re signs that you might need to service or replace your water heater. Over time, these simple annoyances can have even more troublesome consequences, including mold, puddle formation, and even flooding, if left untreated. Leaking and corrosion are two indicators that if you aren’t already dealing with these issues, you may be in the future. Water that is slow to heat is another sign. If any of these problems apply to your water heater, it may be time for service. Give us a call and we’ll show you why the Blue Planet experience is the best one around.

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