Noritz is a leader in the market for tankless water heaters. They have a wide variety of selection depending on your household or commercial needs. The compact designs of the Noritz water heaters allows for a facilitated installation and whether it be indoors or outdoors, the compact design will save you space and can be installed almost anywhere.


Depending on individual household hot water needs Noritz has three lines of tankless water heaters for residential customers. Eco Tough line is engendered for high efficiency while lowering carbon footprint, one of the most eco friendly tankless water heaters in the market. The Pro Tough line is designed with durability in mind, this is a long lasting line engineered for high hot water demand households of any size. But if what you are looking for is more value for your money then Noritz Value Solutions line is for you; designed for smaller homes and warmer climates this is the most cost-effective line that Noritz has to offer.


Noritz line of Commercial Models is designed to meet the demands of commercial applications. Assembled with stainless steel exterior and industrial grade components; up to 24 ASME certified tankless models can be linked together to supply a maximum of 316 GPM at 9.1 million BTUs. The Noritz Commercial line is one of the most precise and efficient method of heating water for any commercial project.